12 Things You Can do To Improve Your Health Everyday

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

None of these will take you over five minutes, so get ready to boost your health!

1. Keep a glass, or bottle of water next to you.

You should start your day with a glass of water regardless if it has ice in or not. However when you water is ice cold, not only will you keep your cells hydrated but you will burn calories just by sipping up to 16 oz of ice water every couple hours. Your body will raise your metabolism when you drink the cold ice water. This process raises your body temperature and burns up to 200 calories without you even going to the gym. In order to reach 200 calorie you will need to drink a gallon a day, Or to stay hydrated you will need to drink half your weight in ounces.Rather its to burn calories or to simply hydrate water is the first step to improving your health.

2. Just one breath = Meditation

That right, you don't need to get your mediation gear just to reap the benefits of this relaxation technique. You can do you at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. All you need to do is sit in a chair, on the bed or even on the floor with your shoulders relaxed, back straightened. Then take a deep breath and let the oxygen fill every part of your body, down your throat into your chest, to your fingers and toes. Then exhale and release all that tension. Repeat as much as you want.

3. Source the sun.

Just like plants need water and light, we humans are no different. We get energy from the sun either directly or indirectly. If you eat a plant based diet then you get small percentage what the plant absorbed, when you eat meat then there isn’t much left for you after the animal had its share. You get energy from the sun directly by just going for a walk or opening your blinds and sitting in the window at noon for about 5 minutes. Studies have shown that your body is more efficient at

making Vitamin D around this time. Vitamin D is important for bone health and it boost our immune system. You can boost Vitamin D with the use of Magnesium. Although controversy, you can where sunscreen to protect your skin while absorbing its benefits. Yes UVB rays are needed to make vitamin D and yes, sunscreen blocks UV rays. The truth is the rays still get to you regardless. The key is timing consistency getting out at noon would make for less exposure. Try eating a salad in the the sun.

4. Stretch

How many times have seen a cat stretch? Don’t wait until you are exercising to stretch, your muscles need it through-out the day. Its is easy to sit at a desk for hours without stretching, then we wonder why we are so tense. Its not just that “its been a long day”, its been a long day without stretching. When you stretch you increase your blood supply and nutrients throughout your body which will in turn give you more energy. You also relieve tension and relax the mind. If you suffer from fibromyalgia or even if you don't, a few gentle stretches in the morning will make great difference.

5. Check your posture

See that your work area is ergonomically designed to ensure good posture. Poor posture can cause a number of health issues. When you put pressure on muscles consistently your body has to heal those overused muscle through the process of Inflammation. Too much inflammation can lead to inflammatory diseases. This is not just your back we are talking about, its your neck and your abdomen that suffer too. Slouching compresses your abdominal organs which can cause bladder or gastrointestinal issues. Practice holding your phone up rather than looking down is a great way to start.

6. Practice using core strength

Core strength isn’t about your abs, utilizing your core muscles will help you to be more efficient. It causes you to literally pull yourself together and be able to main your bodies desirable posture. Use your abdominal muscles to center yourself as you do normal activities such as getting up, doing the laundry or practicing good posture at your desk. Work kegels into this process by pulling up you pelvic floor up in to the mix. Remember to breathe normally as you learn this, 5 minutes a day should be sufficient in building the muscle memory.

7. Use coconut oil

Get some coconut nut oil preferably 2, one for your kitchen and one for your bathroom. After brushing your teeth, take a teaspoon of this miracle oil and swish it around like mouthwash for at least 2 minutes. Be careful not to swallow any oil because it is filled with toxins, spit it out! If you dont use it a detox for your mouth, you can simple swallow it like medicine to help boost your immunity, and well a hell of a lot more. Spilled a little? Aht-Aht! dont wipe it away with a towel. Go ahead and rub that on your skin or hair as it is a luxurious moisturizer.

8. Detox the air your breathe

Check your fans and vents for dust. While most dusters move dust around, a swiffer duster will quickly remove and trap pollutants. Open up some windows to get some fresh air flowing. Burn some sage to kill 99% of airborne bacteria. If you smoke cigarettes in the house or car, vacuum and make conscious effort in making the spaces you may share with others a smoke-free area. Think about your family members who visit and breathe in those harmful pollutants, think about yourself. Don't forget to water your plants as they do a get job in detoxing the air you breath.

9. Aromatherapy

There are many ways to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. You could keep a roll on in your pocket, make a linen spray, or put a few drops in your diffuser. Pick a essential oil or blend based on the feeling you desire. Sleepy and need to feel energized? Sniff some lemon EO. If you don‘t have any, roll a lemon around to extract the oils and sniff away!

10. Stimulate your mind

Ever wonder why a 90 year can be as sharp as a 30 year old? They kept challenging their brain, they looked forward to the daily cross-word puzzle or a weekly game of chess. Games like Spot-it are great for the whole family, each game is about 5 minutes! Challenge, challenge, challenge you can even use a app! After all if you don't use it, you will lose it. Your brain is committed to learning, competing, coping, and establishing routines and habits. If you lack motivation, start by promising yourself to something small everyday towards anything such as learning a new skill.

11. Get some peace and quiet

Loud noise cause stress and tension. Turn the TV off in the background that is not being used, level the washing machine, separate those arguing siblings. Now that the house is quiet, set a timer for at least 5 minutes, and follow the next step.

12. Do Nothing

That's right, put your phone down, your laptop or tablet, what ever you have a hard time putting down, set it to ”Do not disturb“. This is not a time to read a book and skim a magazine. Give your mind and body a break by doing absolutely nothing. Practice becoming self-aware.

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