10 Day Water Challenge

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

If you are looking for a health boost this water challenge is the way to getting started.

Sometimes when I am not feeling my best, hydration is just what I need. We easily forget how the little things matter. Something as simple as water can make all the difference when it comes to our other beauty and wellness goals.


When ever I feel sick, I detox by following the late Dr. Sebi. I do so by changing the foods I eat to foods on his recommended food list. One thing in the fine print was to drink 1 gallon of spring water everyday.

Most of the food we eat is dead, that goes for water too. It is essential that the water you drink on this challenge is live water so that it benefits you. Spring water is naturally alkaline. Some waters are acidic you can easily test with a ph strip. No disease can survive in a alkaline environment. Remember that all water is not the same!

Our bodies are made up mostly of water. That, alone should be enough reason to get on board with this challenge! Your cells need to be fed and hydrated, your blood, your brain, muscles, skin all need water. If your cells are dehydrated how can your organs function properly. Imagine if your cells were fish and your bodies environment was the tank. You know that if you do not change the water or filter it on a regular bases the the water will become dirty, and the fish (your cells) began to die. Buildup prevent nutrients and minerals from getting to the cells. You have to pump clean water through your body or your cells will suffocate.

"...water goes directly into the system and starts purifying the system." - Dick Gregory

When you drink water you…

  1. Make it easier for cells to absorb nutrients and minerals

  2. Rid your body of toxins

  3. Balance your hormones

  4. Make it easier to breathe

  5. Cushion your joints

  6. Reduce your risk of disease

  7. Regulate all your organs and their functions

  8. Filter your blood

  9. Increase your energy

  10. Promote healthy skin

Water is a major key.

The Water Challenge

To start you need to purchase 10 Gallons of water. A lot of challenges will have lines and times with affirmations and that’s a great for motivation.

There are benefits to drinking water at certain times so I mixed that with affirmations. If you want your skin to glow drink some water a little bit before before because when cells rejuvenate so hydrate them. At the same time drinking water after you wake up activates the organs and re-hydrates cells after sleeping. The commitment to drinking more water everyday is the point when you start you will use the restroom more frequently but you body is flushing out toxins and rejuvenating its self. Don't let your bladder keep you from continuing on just get up and go, see it as a benefit. Once you do this, you will be addicted to water. After completing this challenge, be sure to continue drinking half your weight in ounces.

If you have committed to drinking water for 10 days or more tell us how you felt afterward.

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