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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Not just a T-shirt Company

Initially we started HOLTYME as just an custom gift shop and apparel company. As we developed relationships with our customers, many of them being small businesses that started like us, we discovered that our passions were driven by the fulfillment that came from finding the unique solutions that our took our customers brands to the next level.

We believed we were just making t-shirts and mugs and then we realized that we take pride in becoming personally invested in our clients success. We’d often find ourselves not just designing graphics but also using our connections along with our marketing and sales experience to ultimately help out customer create a campaign for growth.

For us it’s all about those small connections we create with people and the bond that starts to form when they see us going the extra mile for them. After all, we have had many mentors who took the time out to inspire us and to show us the areas in which we could improve and maximize our time and sales. They helped us cultivate vision and clarify our mission so that we could operate with a purpose. HOLTYME, we are not just a Custom Apparel Company. We are a Custom Solutions Company.

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Updated: Feb 18

Dreams are natural involuntary manifestations of the mind. A process of maintaining the psyche. Furthermore dreams are a valuable analysis from our self within.

They put us in contact with an unbelievably useful and mind boggling wellspring of insight that we have very little access to when we're awake. Dreams don’t make determinations or evaluations, they find us and connect us to our fundamental position in the universe at any given moment. Whenever we have a choice to make or a situation arise, dreams can be a useful asset, if you know how to listen them.

When interpreting dreams its more likely that they are that of the future, an prospective approach , more than the past, retro-prospectively. It is believed that dreams exist as a way to prepare for some event Dream can be interpreted by using ones own ideas along side religious beliefs, alchemy, astrology and other associations.

Dreams address us in the language of pictures and signs because they tell stories which If spoken or written, would be like a extremely long book. Instead dreams communicate in analogies and images. Thinking symbolically can help to make sense of what the dreams mean. An expert will unlikly understand more than you, what your dreams mean. Be careful not to be too literal about the interpretion, you will know when it is a perfect match.

Dreams can be deciphered in three unconscious levels.

1.The collective unconscious

A term introduced by psychiatrist Carl Jung, represent a part of the psyche with memoriories and impulse that you are not aware of. Archetypes are the stucture of the collective unconscious they are a natural pattern of behavior which shape and change the individual personality and awareness. Usually these instincts are not reconigzed until manifestation. The archetype shares synchronicity, which applies to dreams, premonition, religious beliefs, astrology, telepathy and other extrasensory perception. Becoming conscious of the unconscious, becoming self aware, is the most important factor in the collective unconscious. Prophectic Dreams, healing Dreams, and cosmic dreams are examples of the collective unconscious

2. The personal unconscious

Dreams get substance from your day we dream about past events or current situations usually ones that cause more emotional strain. It is the connection between the collective unconscious and one’s personal growth. All the information in the psyche, but not readily available.

Examples of the personal unconscious

  • Daydreaming

  • Wish-fulfilling dreaming

  • Problem solving dreams

  • Nighmares — dreams are a gateway to your deepest feelings even repressed ones, nightmares they symbolic manifestations of your shadow, the dark side of your personality

  • Recurring Dreams — recurring dreams means that the mind is trying to get a message across. The dream stands out by presenting us with the same thing again and again every dream the repeats is undoubtedly something of huge value.

3. The world unconscious

This level includes a of Connectedness to everything in the world. The ability to reflect is a process that reproduces information of a object. In a world where we have immediate connections, everything is connected to everything. Interacting with the environment allows us to get important information from it. Sensations and perception relates to the properties and significance of external factors. Lucid Dreaming for example - allows ability to explore the unconscious, consciously. The unconscious is conscious and responsive. It is superior in learning things that the conscious mind can’t.

After analyzing dreams through the unconscious levels they can be interpreted on a object level or subject level. Object level is the relationship between the dreamer and their personal situations, on subject level dreams are interpreted in a symbolic way. Could they perhaps be interpreted on both objectively and subjective.

There is no dream dictionary that can interpret your dreams. There are many complexes according to Jung that make dreams very diverse. If one Dreams about his mother there are many complexes that can make interpretation on a object level unsatisfactory. People who have mental health issue may have many complexes that become an issue.

Nonetheless it is far more beneficial to become conscious of the unconscious, to become self aware .

To be become whole is to unify the unconscious with the consciousness.